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Dr. Walter Gubler's Fruit Crop Fungicide Trials

Below are all of the trial results for Gubler lab’s Fruit Crop Fungicide Trials in PDF format.

Fungicide efficacy trials were conducted using conventional/novel programs to treat various fungal diseases of wine grapes, apples, pears, cucurbits and other small fruit crops. Viewers will be able to access information on trial design, treatment list, weather data, final result and other relevant trial details.
The crossed out reports means the trials were conducted but the environmental conditions that year were not conducive for the studied disease.

Please feel free to contact Gubler Lab for questions.

The treatments described in these reports were conducted for experimental purposes only and crops treated in the same manner may not be suitable for commercial or other use or consumption.

Thank you for viewing.

2017 Trials

2016 Trials

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