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Department of Plant Pathology
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Department Business Office: 354 Hutchison Hall
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Department Chair: Dave Rizzo
UC Davis Department of Plant Pathology

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The mission of the UC Davis Plant Pathology department is to improve plant health in the agricultural and natural landscape, so as to ensure long term food security and continuation of natural resource availability at the local, national and global scale.

Through partnerships with producers, regulatory agencies, consumer communities and industry, we seek to identify key disease problems, develop short, medium and long-term solutions, and disseminate critical management information.

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Department of Plant Pathology News

A tiny beetle has decimated hundreds of SoCal trees. Now experts are worried about Sacramento
Michael Finche II, SacBee
City of Sacramento urban forester Kevin Hocker talks about the impact of the polyphagous shot hole borer on July 25, 2019 in Sacramento. The insect has killed many trees in Southern California, and it seems to be moving northward.

UC Davis Experts Investigate Cause of Sudden Grapevine Collapse
UC Davis Experts Investigate Cause of Sudden Grapevine Collapse
American Vineyard Magazine
Grapevines are suddenly dying in Lodi and the coastal grape growing regions of California, and the cause is currently unknown. A team of extension experts at UC Davis are currently working with the industry to investigate this issue that is becoming more prevalent in the state. Watch this brief interview with Plant Pathologist Akif Eskalen as he explains and read more about it in American Vineyard Magazine.

UC researchers probe mystery vine collapse
Lee Allen
Western FarmPress
A team of researchers, headed by plant pathologists from University of California, Davis, is responding to a growing concern over a malady known simply as mysterious vine collapse.

New Law Sponsored by UC Will Allow Commercialization of Discoveries in State Parks
Lisa Howard
The University of California, Davis, became a major driver for the new legislation after Johan Leveau, a professor in the Department of Plant Pathology, discovered a promising anti-fungal microbe in soils from the Jug Handle State Natural Reserve along the Mendocino Coast but found himself unable to translate his discovery into a public benefit because existing state law did not allow the commercialization of research materials from state parks.