Students admitted into the Plant Pathology graduate program should have taken undergraduate courses in Chemistry, Calculus, Biology, Molecular Biology, Statistics, Microbiology, and Plant Physiology. Students that have not taken these courses previously will be required to take representative classes offered at UC Davis. Students are required to register for 12 units per quarter, which will be a combination of course units and research units. We do not advise that students register for more than two three-unit courses per quarter (not counting the Departmental Seminar).

The core classes that are required for completion of MS and Ph.D. degrees are listed below and can be completed within a two-year timeframe.

Core Course Requirements for the Master's and Ph.D. Degree 


Two pathogen courses (PLP 224, PLP 228, PLP 230, or Nematology) 

  1. Introductory Plant Pathology 120 - Fall/Spring quarter, 4 units
  2. PLP201, Advanced Plant Pathology & Epidemiology - Winter quarter, 4 units
  3. PLP210, Plant-Microbe Interactions - Winter quarter, 4 units
  4. PLP298, Advanced Plant Pathology - Laboratory, Fall quarter even years, 3 units
  5. Plant Pathology 205/206 - Diseases in the Field - Spring quarter odd years (+ 4 day summer component)
  6. Plant Pathology 290 - Department Seminar - every quarter unless there is a class scheduling conflict, 1 unit
  7. PLP224, Advanced Mycology - Spring quarter even years, 3 units 
  8. PLP228, Bacteriology - Fall Quarter even years, 3 units 
  9. PLP230, Virology - Winter quarter odd years, 3 units

Nematology Emphasis Students, MS or Ph.D. 

May substitute ONE Nematology course for one of the pathogen courses (PLP 224, 228, or 230). 

Potential Nematology courses include: Nematology 204 or others in consultation with your advisor

Additional Course Requirements for the Ph.D.

ONE ELECTIVE COURSE, minimum of 3 units, upper division or graduate level courses that will be selected in consultation with your Thesis Advisor and Graduate Advisor.