Emeritus Faculty

George Bruening

Professor Emeritus
Area of Specialization: Mechanisms of natural and genetically engineered resistance against viruses; biochemistry and molecular genetics of plant viruses and subviral RNA agents
Contact:  gebruening@ucdavis.edu

Mike Davis

Professor Emeritus
Contact:  rmdavis@ucdavis.edu

John Duniway

Professor Emeritus
Contact:  jmduniway@ucdavis.edu

Lynn Epstein

Professor Emerita
Area of Specialization: Breeding, selection and identification of disease resistance, plant disease control in sustainable agricultural ecosystems, the development of fungi in natural environments, fungal-specific pathways, ergothioneine, microscopy
Location: 282 Hutchison Hall
Contact: 530 754 7916 lepstein@ucdavis.edu

David Gilchrist

Professor Emeritus
Area of Specialization: Genetic, biochemical and molecular analysis of plant-microbe interactions: mycotoxins, programmed cell death in plant disease, diseases of agronomic crops
Contact:  dggilchrist@ucdavis.edu

Thomas Gordon

Professor Emeritus
Area of Specialization: Ecology and evolution of plant pathogenic fungi, fungal-insect interactions, disease control
Location: 280 Hutchison Hall
Contact: 530 752 4269 trgordon@ucdavis.edu

Clarence Kado

Professor Emeritus
Contact:  cikado@ucdavis.edu

James MacDonald

Professor Emeritus
Contact:  jdmacdonald@ucdavis.edu

Adib Rowhani

Plant Pathologist Emeritus
Contact: 530-752-5401 akrowhani@ucdavis.edu

Beth Teviotdale

CE Plant Pathologist (Emerita)
Contact:  blteviotdale@ucanr.edu

Jerry Uyemoto

Professor Emeritus
Contact:  jkuyemoto@ucdavis.edu

Neal Van Alfen

Professor Emeritus
Area of Specialization: Fungal Molecular Biology
Contact:  nkvanalfen@ucdavis.edu

Robert Webster

Professor Emeritus
Contact:  rkwebster@ucdavis.edu

Valerie Williamson

Professor Emerita
Area of Specialization: Genetics and genomics of root-knot nematodes, nematode behavior and attraction to hosts, nematode identification
Contact:  vmwilliamson@ucdavis.edu