GDB 103 Spring 2021

GDB 103 Microbiome of People, Animals, & Plants (3)

Instructor: Johan Leveau

Lecture—3 hour(s). Prerequisite(s): BIS 002A; BIS 002B; BIS 002C. Examination of the structure and function of microbial communities that live inside and on host organisms. Introduction to general concepts of the microbiome and microbiota, and their relationship to host health and disease. GE credit: SE, SL

How will lectures be conducted? Synchronous only

Is attendance in SYNCHRONOUS lectures required? No; but the two exams for this class will be administered synchronously with scheduled lecture times (10:30-11:50 AM) on April 9 and June 3; students are required to take the exams at these days and times

Will SYNCHRONOUS lecture material be recorded and made available to students? Yes, for asynchronous viewing

How will sections be conducted? N/A

Is attendance in SYNCHRONOUS sections required? N/A

How will office hours be conducted? Synchronously, via Zoom (no video required)

How will exams be administered?Exams will be synchronous and conducted during scheduled lecture time. Midterm on Thursday, April 9, final exam on Thursday, June 3; exams will be open book

Other course logistics: No requirement for webcam; microphone will be required