GDB 187 Spring 2021

GDB 187 Global Disease Biology Seminar (3)

Instructor: Joanne Emerson

Seminar—1 hour(s); Discussion—1 hour(s); Term Paper. Prerequisite(s): GDB 090; SAS 013. Open to junior standing; Global Disease Biology majors. Seminar leading to development of the research proposal and academic plan for the Global Disease Biology major. 

How will lectures be conducted? Synchronous only

Is attendance in SYNCHRONOUS lectures required? No

Will SYNCHRONOUS lecture material be recorded and made available to students? Yes

How will sections be conducted? N/A

Is attendance in SYNCHRONOUS sections required? N/A

How will office hours be conducted? Synchronous Zoom (with or without video as desired), appointments possible on a case-by-case basis

How will exams be administered? No exams

Other course logistics: