GDB 189D Spring 2021

GDB 189D Global Disease Biology Research Discussion (1)

Instructor: Johan Leveau

Discussion—1 hour(s). Prerequisite(s): GDB 090; GDB 187; SAS 013; GDB 189; or Consent of Instructor. Restricted to junior standing; Global Disease Biology majors only. Prevent or solve problems during the students’ research activity. Independent advising and assistance on research proposal. (P/NP grading only.) 

How will lectures be conducted? Other; synchronous, one-time orientation meeting

Is attendance in SYNCHRONOUS lectures required? Attendance of one-time orientation is required

Will SYNCHRONOUS lecture material be recorded and made available to students? No, but slides of orientation meeting will be posted

How will sections be conducted? N/A

Is attendance in SYNCHRONOUS sections required? N/A

How will office hours be conducted? Synchronously, via Zoom (no video required)

How will exams be administered? No exams

Other course logistics: No requirement for webcam; microphone will be required