PLP 130 Spring 2021

PLP 130 Fungal Biotechnology & Biochemistry (3)

Instructor: Ioannis Stergiopoulos

Lecture—3 hour(s). Prerequisite(s): PLB 119; BIS 103. How fundamental physiological and biochemical activities of fungi impact the destructive and beneficial roles of these organisms in nature. Utilization and manipulation of fungi for biotechnological and industrial applications. 

How will lectures be conducted? Synchronous only

Is attendance in SYNCHRONOUS lectures required? No, but synchronous attendance for the exams (mid-terms and finals) is required

Will SYNCHRONOUS lecture material be recorded and made available to students? Yes

How will sections be conducted? N/A

Is attendance in SYNCHRONOUS sections required? N/A

How will office hours be conducted? Synchronous via Zoom immediately after the lectures. Requests for synchronous appointments can be made as well if students have conflicts with other courses during regular office hours

How will exams be administered? Synchronous, oral exams via Zoom. Oral exams will be conducted with each student individually and are 20 min long (timed)

Other course logistics: Webcam and microphone are required only for the exams. Students are not required to have their webcam on during the lectures, but they need to have it on during the oral exams. No other software is required. Lectures will be recorded and slides will be posted online