PLP 140 Spring 2021

PLP 140 Agricultural Biotechnology & Public Policy (4)

Instructor: Doug Cook

Lecture—3 hour(s); Discussion—1 hour(s). Prerequisite(s): High school level biology, including genetics; BIS 010 is recommended. Examination of the development and deployment of agricultural biotechnologies, particularly transgenic crop plants, microorganisms and animals, with consideration of conventional agriculture, public perceptions of technologies, food safety, environmental impact, public policies and regulations. GE credit: SL. 

How will lectures be conducted? Synchronous only

Is attendance in SYNCHRONOUS lectures required? Yes

Will SYNCHRONOUS lecture material be recorded and made available to students? Yes

How will sections be conducted? N/A

Is attendance in SYNCHRONOUS sections required? N/A

How will office hours be conducted? Zoom appointment

How will exams be administered? Exams will be completed during the scheduled lecture time

Other course logistics: Microphone is mandatory. Webcam is preferred live during lectures, but accommodations possible due to connectivity issues